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Advanced Midfield

Inner Circle Advanced Midfield Training is designed to bolster the midfield skills needed by all Midfielders (2-Way, Face Off, LSM) comprehensively, with a focus on scrimmage capabilities at scale; that is, with multiple years of competition on the field.  With the new NCAA Rules for 2021-2022 pending, Face Off Mids & Wing Mids  will absolutely need this training!


Intense Instructional Setting

(~4:1 Player:Coach Ratio)

Personalized Coaching Critique

(Full-Scope Positional Training & Film)

Development & Recruiting Profile

(We'll help you navigate the Lax Universe)


Age Tiers: College - 2030

*Competition Tiers - Not Grad Tiers*

-- Next Up --

Sunday, October 25th, 2020

All Competition Tiers - Session 04

Group 01: 9:00am

Group 02: 11:30am

Group 03: 2:00pm

at PerformFit

10880 Railroad Ave, Cockeysville, MD 21030


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Particulars & Costs

Off-Season Training

September - February

2-hour+ Small Group Intensive Training Sessions

(at times players may train for longer than their designated 2-hour block)

$140 for ONE Session

*Package Discounts Available*


1 Class: $140

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Group Face Off Training

Inner Circle Group Face Off Training is designed to polish the 1-on-1 Chess Match at the X, Mano a Mano.  Coupled with Advanced Midfield Training, Group Face Off Training enhances the technique and scrimmage components of facing off at the whistle and in the ensuing 3v3 battle for playable possessions.

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Baltimore, Annapolis, DC

Age Tiers: College - 2030


October 24th, 31st

November 7th, 14th, 28th


-- Baltimore --

Youth Tier: 4:00pm

College-HS Tier: 5:30pm

at PerformFit


-- Annapolis --

Coming October 2020

Youth Tier: Time TBD (Evenings)

College-HS Tier: Time TBD (Evenings)

at API

740 MD Route 3 South, Gambrills, MD 21054


IC Face Off Showcase

December 5th, 2020

Sponsored by STX



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8 Classes: $520 ($65/Session)

4 Classes: $300 ($75/Session)

1 Class: $85

8 Classes: $520

4 Classes: $300

1 Class: $85

(Credit Card, Cash or Check, Venmo)

Elite Attack & Defense

Inner Circle Attack & Defense Elite Training is designed to bolster the In-Game Capabilities of Attackmen and Defensemen above & below GLE utilizing live scrimmage play in all sessions with Coaching Experts:

Brendan Mundorf

JC Metivier

Brock Turnbaugh

Brody Bartell


Intense Instructional Setting

(~4:1 Player:Coach Ratio)

Personalized Coaching Critique

(Full-Scope Positional Training & Film)

Live Scrimmage Play

(Goalies at Every Session)

College, High School, Youth Tiers

*LIMITED Attack & Defensemen per Tier*


-- Next Up --

December 2020

5 Sessions


at PerformFit

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Particulars & Costs

2-hour Small Group Intensive Training

(at times players may train for longer than their designated 2-hour block)

Coming Fall 2020 & Winter 2021

1 Class: $140

5 Classes: $605

Face Off Fridays

Full Scope Face Off Training & Competition

Face Off Mids, 2-Way Mids & LSMs


Technique & Wing Strategy

1v1 Matchups

3v3 Competition


Friday, October 23rd, 2020 at PerformFit

Friday, November 20th, 2020 at TBD

Friday, December 18th, 2020 at TBD


Youth Tier (2025-2028): 6:00pm

College & HS Tier: 7:30pm


$85 per Session



Advantages of Inner Circle Training

Personalized Instruction

Elite Player Development

Dynamic Curriculum


Inner Circle Advanced Midfield

(Youth | High School | College)

Check the Calendar: Here!

Dynamic & Personalized Lacrosse Training

Inner Circle is comprised of current & former professional lacrosse players and college coaches whose experience culminates in a teaching curriculum designed for the highest levels of competitive lacrosse throughout the landscape of youth, club and top high school lacrosse... simply the best lacrosse training & development in the industry!

    innercirclelax Inner Circle innercirclelax

    Coach Rualo on VSN LaxCast!


    Jeremy Rualo, an assistant coach at Calvert Hall and one of the nation’s foremost face-off and wing consultants was this week’s special guest on the Kooper’s Tavern VSN LaxCast.

    In what Rick Brocato called “one of our top 5 shows of the last two years,” Coach Rualo, who is the founder of Inner Circle Lacrosse, breaks down the science behind teaching techniques for face-off and wing positions with a fascinating array of analytics. This show is a must listen for any coach and those players aspiring to excel in the midfield.

    Varsity Sports Network - LaxCast with Coach Rualo

    Listen to Coach Rualo on the latest edition of Varsity Sports Network's Laxcast

    Inner Circle Advanced Lacrosse Training

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